Norfolk County Quilt Guild History

Celebrating 26 Years of Quilting

In February 1984 a group of quilting friends met at the home of Golda Lounsbury.  Ten women were founding members of the guild and joined CQA in that year.

The mission of the guild was to preserve the art of quilting, learn new techniques and use our craft as an instrument to participate in community projects. 

The guild has donated quilts for fund raising events such as the Hospital Auxiliary and they have made a quilt for the Cancer Society, alternating between local and regional associations. 

Our current Outreach activity is for members to make quilts that are donated to the local CAS and Women’s Shelter.

Since their first year, the Norfolk County Quilters Guild has contributed to Norfolk County Fair displays and demonstrations, as well as having works exhibited in areas throughout the county, such as the Lynnwood Arts Center.